Feel good and do good with every Sogo sustainable service

Here at Sogo, we’re very proud of being a salon that is not only 150% committed to making you feel amazing after our fabulous service, but also taking important steps to fulfil our duty to the planet by adopting sustainable practices in conjunction with Sustainable Salons Australia.

What does sustainable practices actually mean at Sogo?

Good question, glad you asked.  We have made a start on the list below:

  1. Donating cut off hair to assist in oil spill cleanup projects and to be used in community gardens – who’d have thought your trimmed tresses could do so much good
  2. Providing cut off ponytails to charitable wig making services that make wigs for kids with cancer and alopecia
  3. Donating proceeds from recycling used foils, colour tubes and cans to not for profit community based organisations helping people in need
  4. Recycling plastics and cardboard packaging

The more you choose our services the more we can donate and recycle.

You can check our progress here

As time goes on we will look at adopting more practices with an aim to becoming 100% sustainable. Watch this space.

[su_quote]We love that your support of our small business is working hard to help the environment and our community. That makes us feel all gooey inside.[/su_quote]